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Criminal Damage have partnered up with the charity World Land Trust (WLT) to create an organic capsule which gives back to the planet. The primary aims at WLT are to ensure the conservation of plants, animals and natural communities in areas at risk.
Criminal Damage have always been captivated by nature and animals, which in turn have been the inspiration behind several designs and collections since the brand’s beginning in 1991. Given this, it only seemed right to collaborate with WLT to give back to environmental communities around the world.
This partnership aims to go above and beyond the typical and practical use of fashion. It will help raise awareness and engage customers about the important issues relating to the conservation of the planet. In purchasing one of the products from the Criminal Damage CD X WLT collection, you will be making a positive step and an actual difference to the future of our planet.
Criminal Damage is supporting WLT’s ‘Buy an Acre’ programme. This concept funds land purchase to create nature reserves for the protection of threatened habitats and wildlife. In some countries for example an acre of threatened habitat can be saved for an average of £100. This helps create or extend reserves and save the planet’s threatened wilderness. WLT pioneered the Buy an Acre concept of buying land for conservation, starting in 1989, and has, since then, funded ground-breaking habitat protection with an impressive track record of achievements. WLT have been instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 700,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats and together ensure that more than four million acres of land is managed under active protection worldwide.
WLT has been a leading force in international conservation with notable patrons such as Sir David Attenborough who has been supporting the charity since it was founded in 1989 and has stated – “The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of”.
Criminal Damage will donate 8% percent of their sales proceeds gained from each CD X WLT product. Often people want to get involved in positive charitable works that have a real impact but may not necessarily have the access to do so. Hence we wanted to come up with an easy and convenient way of contributing and getting others to contribute to positive causes. In doing so, we hope to capture and inspire a community and a new wave of individuals to help in sustaining our planet.
WLT funds conservation initiatives through a variety of mechanisms including special appeals, grants and people like you. With all of our support we can help protect and sustainably manage the natural eco systems of the world.