5 streetwear influencers to follow on Instagram

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Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and just felt so uninspired? Have all the right pieces but not a particular vision in mind? It happens to the best of us. But thankfully, there are so many places and people to turn to to help get the creative juices flowing again and take inspiration from. No, we’re not talking about Pinterest. Instagram is the place to be if you want to see perfect fits put together.

Keep on reading to hear about 5 great streetwear influencers that you need to follow on Instagram if you’re looking for a spark of inspiration for your next outfit!

5 streetwear influencers
Claire (@_thisisclaire)

Claire’s sense of style is for those of you who do not like to play it safe. Scrolling through their Instagram grid, you’ll notice the splash of vibrant colours that bring to life Claire’s fits that are otherwise heavily neutral colours. This is your official reminder not to be afraid of neon oranges and greens - contrast is wonderful when done tastefully.

Pay attention to how well Claire’s hats accentuate their outfits - we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, accessories are key to tying together a look. Don’t underestimate the power of a good bag or hat!

Jaydon (@humroy)

Comfort and simplicity do not mean boring, you just have to look at Jadyon’s Instagram grid to see that. Comfort and simplicity can mean impactful in an understated way, which Jaydon shows with padded jackets, loose-fitting jeans and hoodies.

Take note of Jaydon’s exceptional colour coordination too! Whether it’s using complementary colours in a look or wearing sets, everything about his looks is intentional. Take some time to think about harmony when piecing together a fit, it’s almost like working out a jigsaw puzzle.

Oliver (@olibrom)

Pattern print can be scary to style, but Oliver shows us all just how spectacular pattern print is when done right. The trick is to not overkill with too many differing patterns. Instead, pick one piece like a patterned sweater and try to keep everything else in plain, block colours. This way you avoid clashes and can allow your pattern piece to take centre stage.

And if you’re on the fence about stepping away from dark colours, Oliver’s style is a great reminder of just how wonderful white can be as a staple colour in your wardrobe - it works well with all colours and feels brighter, which is great as we welcome in Spring.

David (@david_fadd)

How often do you think about texture when you put together a streetwear look? For many, the answer may not be so often. However, one look at David’s feed and you’ll want to start looking at texture in a different way. Whether it’s some suede trainers or a leather coat, a touch of texture (like pattern, you don’t want to go overboard!) can really enhance a look.

Not all of your fit needs to be made of just cotton or just denim, a little mix and match never hurt anybody!

Edie-Rose (@edielibertyrose)

The secret rule to streetwear is: there are no rules! Edie-Rose is someone you need to follow if you’re looking for inspiration that highlights just how versatile streetwear can be. The beauty of streetwear is how creative and vibrant outfits can be.

You’ll notice a lot of blazers on Edie-Rose’s feed and we have to admit, we can understand why they’ve become a key component to streetwear looks in the last couple of years. They can be added for a touch of smartness, but still work really well with a good t-shirt and jean combo. Take this as your sign to invest in a great blazer!

For inspiration on how to style your Criminal Damage pieces, head over to our Instagram.