Kids’ Designer Tops For Stylish Families

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Nowadays, creating a mini-me doesn’t just mean hoping your DNA copies and pastes onto your child’s features. It’s also about how well your child can embody your energy too. And what’s the best way to achieve that? Clothes! So, if you’re part of a stylish family, keep on reading for some things to keep in mind when looking for kids’ designer tops.

Kids’ Designer Tops

Top Tips To Remember:

Yes, having your children decked out in the best kids’ designer tops is a dream, but there are a lot of things to consider. Above everything else, the priority should always be the comfort of your littlun. So here are a few points to consider: 

-   When you’re chasing after your little one in the park, are they able to run, jump and hopscotch comfortably? The last thing you want is for them to feel suffocated and strained by what they’re wearing.

-   Are the tops you’re choosing kid-friendly? By this, we mean choosing materials that won’t irritate their delicate skin. Not to mention, is the clothing durable? Kids’ designer tops aren’t worth the fuss if they tear after a little tumble…or five.

-   Perhaps one of the most important things to consider is how the tops need to be cleaned. Undeniably, something that requires to be machined-washed is much easier to deal with. Just think about how messy kids can get, will you shed a tear when they drop ketchup on their top, knowing it was just handwashed and now needs to be again? It’s also worth mentioning that it’s good to search for items that aren’t prone to shrinking in the wash – with the speed at which kids grow, you want clothes to last as long as they can!

-   Is the top practical? Sometimes when you’re in a rush in the morning handling a million and one things simultaneously, a no-fuss top is the best thing for your child. So, we’d recommend avoiding anything that involves fiddly elements such as lots of buttons or fancy zippers.

-   Like when you dress as an adult, sometimes less is more. Don’t feel the need to dress your child head to toe in designer gear, sometimes all you need is a kids’ designer top and a good pair of jeans – it’s the best of both, style and comfort!

-   As much as it’s nice to dress your child up in what you think they’d look cool in, an important factor is ensuring they like what they’re wearing too! The best way to strike a balance is to ask for their input. Confidence is a key element to pulling off a look for anyone, and that stems from being comfortable and liking what they’re in.  

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