Autumn 2022 fashion trends - what you need To Know

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As autumn sneaks up on us like a thief in the night, it is here to stay for a while. Goodbye warm summer days and hello cool autumn evenings. And whilst the weather shifts, so do the fashion trends that you’ll be seeing more of in the coming months. Not sure what these are? Don’t worry, keep on reading to learn more about autumn 2022 fashion trends you need to know all about. 

Autumn 2022 fashion trends

Leather is in

Leather has always been a favourite for many, but this autumn, get ready to see even more people rocking leather as it becomes one of the autumn 2022 fashion trends to watch. We’re not just talking leather jackets, we’re talking trousers, blazers, coats - you name it, it’s all game for these coming months. 

Typically you can find leather clothing in dark colours such as brown and black, making it perfect to coordinate with existing pieces in your wardrobe. We’d suggest incorporating a leather jacket to a daytime fit to take it from casual to smart in seconds, leaving you prepped for drinks out with the lads or an impromptu date night. 

Puffer jackets

Yes, the puffer is back this year, a sign of its timelessness and street value. These versatile jackets not only display style and fit perfectly into any streetwear wardrobe, but they’ll also keep the chills away as the nights grow colder. 

Our top pick:


Unique jumpers

Think Christmas jumpers with 3D baubles, but high-fashion. That is what has appeared on the runways this year for autumn 2022 fashion trends, except reinvented to look 100 times better. We’re talking architectural sweaters, which have texture and volume and lean more on the eccentric side. These serve as wonderful statement pieces that can be used to style bolder looks that add a pop of colour and fun to a season where neutral palettes are more in trend. 

Keep on trend by grabbing a unique jumper and pairing it with some classic slim jeans and sneakers - this keeps the jumper the star of the show but also helps ground the outfit for a more casual look with a twist. 

Think pink

If you’re wondering what prominent colours will crop up this season, it’s time to think pink. And not a particular shade, whether you’re into dusty pink or hot pink, anything and everything goes. The colder months might mean dreary and dull skies, but it doesn’t need to be reflected in the colours you wear. 

But don’t worry, there’s no pressure to do the extreme opposite and feel possessed to dress head to toe in pink like a flamingo. Instead, think about how you can weave splashes of pink into an outfit you might already have planned. Could you find accessories such as hats or shoes or belts that make a nod to this trend? Or perhaps you can look into t-shirts or jackets that have elements of pink, but are not the primary colour of the garment. There are a lot of ways to incorporate pink without it feeling too overwhelming! And most importantly, a lot of ways to incorporate it into your existing style. 

Now that we’ve imparted our wisdom about the wonderful autumn 2022 fashion trends you can expect to see, it’s time for you to experiment with your outfits and see which trends you’ll make use of. Check out our full collection now.