Winter Coat Trends 2022

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Summer has been summer-ing, and we have no doubts that winter will be winter-ing too. And you know what that means? You’ll need to get yourself a good, trusty coat. If you’re in the market for a new one, keep on reading for some things you need to know about this year’s top winter coat trends: 2022 version!

Winter Coat Trends 2022

Winter Coat Trends 2022 - It’s About Variety

This winter, don’t be surprised if you see a noticeable variety in the types of coats you see people donning. You have to think of coats like shoes - there’s a time, place and occasion for each pair of shoes, right? It’s the very same with coats too - think about which coats make sense for the event you’re going to. 

Padded Jackets: 

The whole purpose of a coat is to keep you warm and let’s be real, sometimes some coats are so thin they do diddly squat to keep you feeling toasty. With padded jackets being on trend this coming winter, you don’t need to worry. Warm and stylish. What more could you want? And the best part, padded jackets are quite versatile - pair them with a sweatpants and hoodie combo or go smart with some nice jeans and a shirt. We suggest going for a black padded jacket for easier outfit coordination and being on the mark for this year’s winter coat trends 2022. 

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Utility Jackets:

What do you throw on when you’re popping out down the road for some eggs? A trench coat may be a little much and definitely harder to match with a ‘quick shop’ fit. It’s great to want to stand out sometimes, but looking like you’re about to attend fashion week when someone’s in a dressing gown after doing the school run might make you stick out in ways you don’t want to. 

But you know what isn’t so tricky to match with fits? A utility jacket. It’s not too formal, and similarly to a padded jacket, can work well with any pieces you decide to put together. Plus they always tend to have a bajillion pockets, so say goodbye to forgetting your reusable bags and supermarket points cards.  

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The winter coat trends 2022 wouldn't be complete without a classic comeback from the beloved peacoat. Why, we hear you ask? It is simply the coat of dreams and has been worn for many many years by a lot of people. It’s a fantastic everyday option that’s smart enough for work and still not over the top for a drinks catch up afterwards. Peacoats are short too, so you don’t need to worry about restrictive movement - which is especially great if you’re trying to speed walk to make sure you don’t miss the train and risk waiting an hour for the next one. Our top tip for making sure you pick the best peacoat is to not feel tempted to size up, it shouldn’t be super tight, but fitted enough that it doesn’t look like an older sibling hand-me-down. 

So, To Conclude: 

The winter coat trends 2022 aren’t too daunting if you can understand how each trend can be utilised to fit your wardrobe, and how it’ll be used occasion-wise.  Have a look at our Mens’ Jackets to get you started!