Classic Fashion Rules Everyone Should Know

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In an era of viral trends being the cause of some serious FOMO, you may notice everyone and their mothers suddenly becoming fixated on a certain fashion item or style. It can be frustrating trying to keep up - sometimes it feels like by the time you’ve finally wrapped your head around one trend, everyone is already onto the next. 

But you know what never goes out of fashion? The classics. Yellow neon fishnet tights may come and go, but the classics are here to stay. With that being said, we’re going to run through some of the classic fashion rules everyone should know. 

Keep reading to find out what they are! 

Classic Fashion Rules Everyone Should Know

1. The Staples Are Staples For A Reason!

When in doubt, you can always trust that a staple clothing piece will bring your outfit together. We’re talking about the basics, such as a simple t-shirt or a decent pair of jeans. Sometimes less is more, and although you may think a white t-shirt is a little boring, it can actually help bring attention to other parts of your outfits that are the star of the show. 

Let us share a weird analogy with you: think of staple pieces as the primer of your outfits. Yes, perhaps you can forgo it, but when utilised, it makes a massive difference to the final look. 

Our staple recommendation: 

2. Don’t Fall For The Viral Trends

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s very hard to ignore the viral fashion trends when they’re literally everywhere. Our advice? Don’t be tempted to give in and jump on the bandwagon. These trends do not take into account what YOU typically enjoy wearing. 

It’s great to experiment, we’re not telling you to get stuck wearing the same types of clothes for the rest of your life. Equally, if you’re comfortable in the style you’ve found for yourself over time, then there is no reason to feel compelled to deviate because everyone else is trying something completely different. Enjoy watching the trends come and go and take inspiration from things you think you can see yourself wearing long term!

3. Accessories Are Part Of Your Outfit! 

Accessories can sometimes be an afterthought when putting together an outfit. They may not feel like the most important element of your fit, but when we take time to think about how accessories can elevate our looks, it’s a game changer! 

For example, does your jewellery match any accents of colours found in your clothing? Does your bag add a bit of texture to the overall look? Does your shoe colour coordinate with your t-shirt? There are so many possibilities! 

Our advice is to never underestimate the power of accessories. You don’t need to go overboard, even one bold accessory can be enough to complete your fit. 

Our accessory recommendation: 

We hope these classic fashion rules are easy enough to abide by! Take a gander at our timeless range and see what pieces tickle your fancy.