Fall/Winter 2022/2023 trends To Watch Out For

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Does anyone else feel like this year is speeding by? 

Soon, there will be a spike in mug orders for secret Santas at work and families raiding their attics to bring down their Christmas trees. As well as the wonderful festivities that happen in the second half of the year, we’re welcoming fall and winter fashion back into our lives. Yes, the dreary weather isn’t ideal and there’s not a lick of sun out when you clock out from work, but the good news is that these seasons allow for some very nice outfits to be put together. 

And as usual, there will be some key trends to look out for that everyone will be obsessed with. Keep on reading to find out about three must-know fall/winter 2022/2023 trends that you definitely want to have on your radar.

2022/2023 fashion season

1. We’re Being (Not) Fur Real:

In 2022, we’ve moved on from saving the turtles with our metal straws. We’re saving the turtles and every other animal too. How do we do that? But ditching the real fur for faux fur. And if you’ve been intrigued about getting your hands on a faux fur coat, these coming months will be the time to do it. We recommend going for a black or brown faux fur coat, which can work well as a statement piece but also be versatile colours that go well with most outfits. 

2. We’re Peri Into This Colour 

Spring and summer have seen the rise of pastel colours this year - a lot of mint green and soft yellow. But this fall and winter, the shift will go from soft to striking vibes as the Pantone colour of the year: Veri Peri, takes to the screen. It’s a bold statement colour which not only feels a little playful, but will add a splash of colour that will brighten up an outfit instantly. Don’t worry, your whole outfit doesn’t need to be all Veri Peri, add in a black SIGNATURE TEE to tone it down slightly. 

3. Back To School 

The preppy look this year has really taken off, and it’s set to stay for fall and winter too. Think of a more conservative “Hit Me Baby One More Time” era. We’re talking blazers and ties with great trousers. And if you want to make it a little more casual, swap out the shirt for a t-shirt instead. The casual smart approach is versatile and a win for those days you’re in the office but have social plans after work. Patterned blazers or trousers can be quite busy, so opt for something simple and impactful such as a CD NECK T-SHIRT.

And there you have it, three very key trends to look out for as we approach the latter half of the year. Of course, whilst these are trends to keep an eye out for - it doesn’t mean you need to follow them to a T. Have a browse of our collection to start making plans for those fall/winter 2022/2023 trends.