Men’s Graphic Tees, a Stylish Summer Staple

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For decades now, graphic t-shirts have been returning each summer as a key must-have style statement. In fact, with every year that passes, this unstoppable trend seems to gather more momentum and evolve into new and exciting variations on a theme.

Men’s graphic tees displaying Marvel characters, or kids’ TV icons are becoming the latest must-have fashion statement. The Pokemon trend is a case in point. So, let’s get the tea on some of the coolest ways to style this geeky-chic trend this season. Take a peek into the Criminal Damage, up-to-the-nanosecond, multiversal style guide and rock those character t-shirts with sass.

Excited to try out this uber-cool trend? Mew too!

Men’s Graphic Tees
Geek it Up!

Go for a cool-geek look by pairing a men’s black graphic tee with faded skinny black jeans, black high-top trainers, a beige oversized grandad cardigan and any kind of black-rimmed reading glasses. Yep. S’a thing. (Think, any super-hero before they get bitten by a spider/harmed by excessive radiation/forced to defend the honour of Wakonda and save the world. That’s the general vibe… You get the picture.

Angelic Cool

Try a pristine angelic look by styling men’s white graphic t-shirts with cool white jeans and white trainers, throughout summer.

Let Your Tee Do the Talking

Graphic tees are not always character tees. There are plenty of men’s graphic design tees that make a statement with graphic print lettering or logos - a comment, a place name, a slogan, some quirky humour, or even a favourite designer brand logo.

Band t-shirts are, of course, always popular, and meme t-shirts are experiencing a huge wave of popularity this year. If your social skills have suffered in recent years, these cheeky, chatty garments are a great conversation starter.

Keep it Simple!

When it comes to styling your graphic statement pieces, remember to keep it simple. Your printed t-shirts will already be offering up plenty of interest. So display them against a backdrop of plain neutrals or stick to one colour or tone family for each outfit to reduce the number of competing moods.

Try dressing in monochrome or wearing only warm colours, only cool colours, only pastels, only deep jewel tones, or only deep, muted colours. See the logos and graphics on your printed tee as patterns and try to match them with the rest of your outfit. Making a statement is great! Heaping on the mixed messages? Not so great!

Style Tips

Laid-back picnic in the park vibe? Try our black/green UFO T-shirt with black coal shorts or camo army pants, topped with a smart blazer in either olive green or charcoal.

Summer evening vibe? Try our White Dragon Worldwide T-Shirt, topped with either a black, red or white blazer, and teamed with black jeans or joggers.

Vibing Through the Summer

As pop culture continues to influence art and fashion, Men’s graphic design t-shirts look set to remain on-trend throughout Summer and Autumn 2022 and well into the following years.

Keep a wide selection on hand - one for every day of your summer holiday. Even if you’re flying solo this year, we’re sure you’ll still have plenty to say.

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