Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

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Wondering how to rock even the most outrageous key Spring Summer 2022 fashion trends? Or are you simply holding your breath until the madness subsides?! Maybe all you want is a bangin’ pair of jeans and a few cool tops!

Whether you’re loving the loud, glitzy, colourful mayhem of Spring fashion 2022 or keeping it real with crisp, clean understated pieces, this season has something for everyone.

K. Let’s get it started!
Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

90s Neon!

Lime green, highlighter yellow and tangerine dreams. There’s more crazy colour out there than in a colourist’s toolkit!

If fluorescents are not your thing, choose according to your mood and wear any colours that make you feel good, whatever the weather’s doing. Create your own unique take on dopamine dressing! Yep. It’s a thing!

Y2K Low Slung Jeans

Low-slung jeans are back!Eeek! If you prefer to eat regular meals and keep that muffin top snatched, have no fear. All the usual options still apply. Slim fits, skinny jeans, joggers, wide legs and 501s; they’re all still hot this season. Wear the shapes you love, unashamedly, and style it out with a body-confident grin. The fashion crew will be reaching for those dad jeans once mince pie season rolls around again. Stay strong!

The Varsity Trend

Varsity fashion is here to stay. Varsity jackets, varsity knits, varsity hoodies, and varsity baseball caps. All things high end sporty, and old school, high school are still rocking and rolling this year.

Style this trend with some vintage drainpipe trousers and cool white trainers for a hybrid 2022/retro look.

Fringes, Feathers and Fuss

Things that decorate and dangle from clothes are seeing a big comeback in 2022. We just can’t get enough of the glitzy, glamour and feel-good throwbacks. Okay, maybe you don’t think you’re Lenny Kravitz-y enough to pull it off. We got you! Disrupt the trend by adding one key fringed item to your summer wardrobe and wearing it with a variety of pairings:

For example, a fringed waistcoat, worn repeatedly over a wide range of logo and graphic tees.

A fringed jacket with jean variations and cowboy boots. - This cool festival-inspired look will always be a winner.

Write Your Own Fashion Story

When it comes to Spring 2022 fashion trends, anything goes. The choices are limitless, the possibilities are endless, and just about everything is ‘in’! This is great news for anyone who likes to make up their own rules.

Trends should inform rather than dictate. So, see them as inspiration. Pick up a few key pieces and style them with your go-to athleisure wear. Dress up your regular jam with a few boho accessories and come as you are.

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