The Criminal Damage X Pokémon Collection is Here!

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The Criminal Damage Pokémon Collection Limited Edition Collection has dropped!

We’ve teamed up with the timeless anime icons to bring fans a unique and dynamic streetwear clothing collection, Pokémon style! Check out our Limited Edition Pokémon clothing line, and discover a host of your favourite “Pocket Monsters” stars. In this season of changing and fading colours, make a bright and bold statement with our powerful graphic items. We’ve got these evergreen essentials shouting out loud and proud about all things Lightning, Fire, and Ice! Find out why we’re so proud of this ground-breaking collaboration with the legendary animé franchise, resulting in these unapologetic statement pieces.

The Criminal Damage X Pokémon Collection
Pokémon Clothing

Discover our electric collaboration items that are joining the ranks of iconic, timeless wardrobe staples and taking the underground fashion world by storm! Unearth a library of fiery, fiercely expressive and positively disruptive graphic T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers, that’ll leave you looking cool as a...Glaceon. Each article is artfully created, with a choice of bold graphics and all-over print designs that’ll have you saying “I can’t Pika-chuz!” before “I Pika-chuz YOU!”. Coming in a variety of styles, and giving a strong platform to some of the underrated stars of Pokémon, this on-trend throwback to those glory days of all things Mewtwo, Charmander, and Gastly, is gathering momentum and blazing a trail. Pokémon clothing is a great way to get spotted and start a conversation, and your signature look can also be made with a subtle wink, when you buy one of our smaller print designs. Look no further for a truly unique limited edition piece that expresses your individuality and knowledge of current and old school street style trends. Making your own personal statement couldn’t be easier, when you buy our Pokémon items in a one-stop shop, over on our Pokémon Collection page. Get Pikachu, Charizard and their buddies into your wardrobe and leave the rest of the crowd guessing where you found them, in your quest to “Catch ‘em all”.

Gotta Catch ‘em All!

It’s taken a while for these superstars to get the recognition they deserve, as any die-hard Pokémon fan will know. Despite being so well known the world over, they still feel somehow underrated! That’s the charm of Pokémon, mainstream but understated and tastefully notorious. Zealous Gen-Zers, veteran millennials, ageless beauties and kids; Pokémon fans of all ages are showing their respect for this cultural phenomenon. The hunt is on – and you know we like to stay ahead of the curve! Stay miles ahead with this unique and imaginative streetwear aesthetic, and let your individual fashion-sense do the talking. Here’s hoping we catch more Pokémon on clothes than viruses in tissues this Autumn / Winter season! Pika-ka-ka-CHU!

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