Holiday Outfit Inspiration

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We’re in the full swing of Winter now and unfortunately for us, that means grudgingly facing the frosty morning air and coming home in pitch darkness as the sun sets by late afternoon. It’s all quite depressing, right? We don’t blame you if you spend your rushhour commutes daydreaming about getaways to somewhere sunny.

Holiday Outfit Inspiration
In fact, if you do have a holiday planned, it’s never too soon to think about the airport looks you want to serve as you fly to a destination that will give you a tan that everyone will be envious of during your first work meeting back. Keep on reading for some great airport outfit ideas to get your hands on. To shop even more looks, make sure to head to website or app - available on iOS and Android.

Prioritise Comfort and Versatility!

Being comfortable is always the key to smooth travelling - besides your luggage not getting lost and your flight not being delayed. Whether it’s a short haul or long haul flight, sitting in an airplane seat for any amount of time in jeans can be torturous.

Thankfully this season, matching cosy sets are all the rage and there are CD pieces that fit this criteria. Perhaps you want to embody tropical vibes to get you in the mood for your trip - the Fade Hoodie and Joggers are a beautiful nod to beaches with the blue to white gradient design. They’re a perfect example of never compromising style for comfort - you can have both!

But if sets aren’t your style and you’re in the business of making a statement wherever you go, then our Hidden Tiger Hoodie or T-Shirt are stand out pieces for you. The tiger design is beautifully embroidered and contrasts greatly against the washed black colour. Both the colour and style mean you can pair it with literally any bottoms - truly unique and versatile pieces!

Not to mention, staple accessories such as the Varsity C Cap are brilliant for tying together your CD airport ensembles…Or hiding the crazy strands of hair after dozing off on the shoulder of the person next to you on the flight. Added bonus - they can be added to your holiday fits too!

So, as soon as you’ve booked your flight tickets, make sure to head over to our site or app to get your hands on the perfect airport outfit for your holiday!