Winter Season Is Here - Are You Ready?

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The colder seasons have approached and if you’re looking for the perfect accessories to match your iconic outfits, then look no further! Whether it’s hats, caps, beanies or socks, you can trust us to have the perfect accessory that will help bring your outfit to life. To explore, just head over to the New Arrivals page on the website or check our app - available on iOS and Android.

Winter Season Streetwear 

New Accessories - What You Can Expect

The bold theme that runs through all our pieces (like our latest Dragon Energy Collection) is striking and being such statement pieces, they deserve all eyes on them! That’s why when creating our new accessories we’ve been extra mindful to ensure they complement anything you may decide to pick up from CD.

Timeless is best and that’s exactly what you will get from the new accessories. Our ‘new in’ socks, which are woven with a soft cotton blend, will suit every outfit you choose to curate. They’re also available in the two staple colours - black and white. The signature CD logo found on these socks is echoed throughout all our accessories, such as on the front of both our classic beanies and varsity C cap. Embracing simplicity, the black and gold colour embroidery brings a splash of extra elegance to each look. We can’t do anything about the gloomy weather that’s here, but what we can do is help you look extra good whilst staying cosy and warm at the same time!

So what are you waiting for? Time to get these must-have accessories to add the perfect finishing touches to your winter fits!