Unleash the Dragon!

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Check out our fiery Dragon Collection tees, hoodies, shirts, knits, joggers & more featuring unique statement graphics and striking embroidery celebrating our love of East Asian culture. Discover our dynamic pieces as seen in the hugely popular Tokyo Shift Collection earlier this year. We spent the autumn paying our respects to The Orient of centuries gone, blending East-meets-West style elements to create vivid graphics and silhouettes inspired by a visually stunning culture. Discover the range over on the collection page or our iOS and Android App.

Dragon Clothing
Dragon Clothing

This winter we’re daring you to release your inner beast!

For a fierce look with an East Asian twist check out our Criminal Damage Dragon Clothing and discover a range of dragon figure detailing in a selection of versatile cuts and high quality textiles from knits to shirts to hoods to joggers.
Our soft 100% cotton hoodies are perfect for making a statement and expressing your own individual style while staying warm and mega comfy, what more could you want? Flash a splash of vivid colour in our stunning embroidery detail Gold Dragon Embroidery Hoodies in black or White or stay humble in the Kyoto Dragon Hoods featuring a muted silvery beige dragon snaking its way around and peeking its head over each shoulder.

Get winter-cosy in our vibrant red, polyester-wool mix Dragon Knitted Jumper featuring the mythical beast as a strikingly huge front-print or be more Zen in our all-over repeat kanji print seen on our Dragon AOP karate Gi style shirt and jogger combo.

For that soft underbelly insulation, check out our cotton tees like the Worldwide Dragon T-Shirts featuring a dragon wrapped around a globe graphic and lock in every inch of heat with one of our plaid Dragon Overshirts.

All this and so more more is available now and waiting to be summoned over on our website and app! So get off 2021 on the right foot and jump into 2022 Criminal Damage Dragon style! See you there!