Party Season Calls! Discover our latest drops and must haves!

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Hot off the press! Check out our must-have new releases! We're talking trailblazing statement edits and iconic key trends that'll keep you ahead of the game entering 2022. Whether it’s that super comfy versatile hood and jogger set or that perfect jacket you’ve been searching your whole life for, discover them over on our New Arrivals page or our iOS and Android App.

Streetwear's must haves
Our New Arrivals at a Glance

For a bolder look this season check out our Dragon Energy Collection. A dynamic and timely addition to a timeless CD East Asian hommage as seen in the Tokyo Shift and Pokémon Collab Collections earlier this year. Our soft & cosy hoodies are ideal for all your pre and post party needs this festive season, from staying warm while waiting out that game cooldown to soothing that well deserved headache the next morning, your CD hoodie’s got your back. Discover the range of bold, statement graphic designs and embroidery detailing in a range of high quality textiles and on trend colours.

Also ‘new in’ are our super soft velour garments featuring small black & gold logo embroidery and gold drawstring cuff detailing for a subtler look. A similar simple aesthetic can be seen across our ECO Essentials collection of everyday classic tees, hoodies, joggers, and other daily staples made from a variety of high-quality, recycled, organic or sustainably sourced materials in a range of earthy colours.

There’s also a whole host of puffer jackets and coats to explore, keeping you wrapped up while getting turnt up this party season! Turn up in one of our iconic puffer jackets, the sort that makes an outfit in and of itself, and express your inner CD-rella - we’ll just skip those weird fairytale mothers of the evil-step/fairy-god kind - taking responsibility for your own swag.

And don't forget your trainers! There aren’t any Prince / Princess Charmings who’ll stalk you to your home to return your footwear before returning you to their castle, in the real world (thank God).

Get these iconic must haves in your wardrobe so you won’t have to rely on Fairy Godmothers or Father Christmases for your 2022 wardrobe… no one wants that!